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Our restaurant is named after the big island located in the Lake Van situated between Provinces of Van and Bitlis in Turkey.

According to a widely know folktale regarding the name of island, once upon a time there was an Armenian abbot living in this island with his daughter named Tamar, who had a legendary beauty. A young man working as a shepherd in villages around the island fell in love with this girl. Every night, this young man was swimming to the island to meet Tamar. Tamar, on the other hand, was waiting him with a lantern in her hand to guide the young man in the darkness of the night. Learning that meetings, girl’s father went to the shore of island with a lantern in his hand and he frequently changed his place to disorient the young man. Thus the young man swam aimlessly and got whacked. The young shepherd was so whacked after such great efforts in the sea that he drowned. Before he drowned, he cried out “Ah Tamar!” at his last breath. Hearing this, the girl threw herself into the waters of lake. Since then, the island has been named as “Ah Tamar!”. This tale has become a legend by narration of Armenian poet Hovhannes Tumanyan.  It is undoubted that it is a weak possibility that this legend is historically true. It is highly likely that the name “Ağtamar” found in records dating back to 9th century BC was derived from the Arabic “ĞMR” root which stands for “lump, hump”.   The Turkish pronunciation of this word “Aktamar” has been favoured by official authorities of Republic of Turkey since 1980.

Outdoor and indoor family spaces with 120 people capacity and a menu offering wide & varied selections and affordable prices special for groups.